How to Donate to UCare


U Care, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that relies on government grants and "matched funds" of financial donations from concerned citizens to remain operational. Unfortunately, government grants, by themselves, do not cover the entire operational expenses for the shelter and all of the programs we provide.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. All financial and material donations are greatly appreciated and are used directly to assisting our clients. The financial donations assist our clients who stay in the shelter with food, medical services, transportation, and other, sometimes unexpected, expenses.

Many times our clients have to leave a situation so quickly that they cannot go back to their homes to retrieve their personal belongings. Rather than stay in a violent situation, the choice they have to make is between material possessions and their lives. Once the clients are ready to move on, they need the eventual material essentials to set up a new house like rent, utilities, heat, furniture, bedding, appliances, household goods, linens, clothing, food, dishes, etc., etc. Your donations are used to DIRECTLY assist our clients in their endeavor to start a new life.

With most any type of donation, your donation is tax deductible. With all donations you will receive an "in-kind" receipt that you can apply to your income tax statement for deduction.

Please send your financial donations to:

U Care, Inc.
PO Box 761
Clinton, NC 28329

For Credit Card donations, you can use or paypal! We now accept paypal donations from this website.

Click the button at the top or bottom of each page to connect to paypal and make an instant donation. If you currently do not use paypal, you can become a member through this link!!!

As of October 2004, we are pleased to announce we now participate in Giving Works, an ebay initiative that allows you to donate a portion of the proceeds from any sale on ebay to U Care! Just go to and click "giving works" on the left side column to link and start selling your items for U Care today! Please go to to sign up and you'll be selling your items for a good cause!

Donation of material goods, clothing, and furniture can be made directly to the Beehive Thrift stores. Our thrift stores are located in downtown Clinton and Newton Grove Circle. Financial contributions to U Care can also be made at our thrift stores.