Volunteer Opportunities

YOU Can Get Involved!

U Care, Inc. welcomes volunteers to our shelter. We have many opportunities in which you can participate so that you too can feel the spiritual and emotionally uplifting benefits of helping those in great need.

Volunteers can:

  1. Spend their time working in our thrift shop, The Bee Hive.
  2. Help maintain and repair the shelter by making needed repairs and building upgrades, or just by vacuuming and cleaning the shelter and its grounds.
  3. Be a sitter for the children of our clients as they take care of necessary needs, such as getting jobs or going to court.
  4. Run errands, do basic office tasks such as copying, use typing skills, make signs, decorate our information board, file.
  5. Assist in any fundraisers or educational efforts.
  6. Use their vehicle or pick up truck to help pick up donations for the Beehive thrift store. Things to pick up include furniture and clothing.

In essence, volunteering your time will help free up the staff's time so they can better assist our clients when they need them most. Everyone's job is important, whether you are a volunteer or a staff member. and we can ALWAYS find things for our volunteers to do to help.

Please click the "Contacts" link or click HERE to let us know if YOU would like to be a highly valued asset to UCare Inc. Become a volunteer!