U Care, Inc. does not just offer shelter facilities to victims. We have a variety of services to help you, your friends, and even the community.

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Key Assistance Options:

If you answer "yes" to these questions, U Care is available to help!

  • 24-Hour Crisis Line

    Are you in a crisis situation? CALL (910) 596-0931 or 911
    (for your local law enforcement office) NOW!

  • 24-Hour Emergency Shelter

    Do you need a place of safety?

  • Emotional Support

    Do you need someone to talk to?

  • Referrals to Helping Agencies

    Do you know where to go to ask for help?

  • Court Advocate

    Do you need someone to go to court with you to provide support?

Treatment Programs

  • Crisis Intervention

    We give you options and tips on how to diffuse a crisis situation.

  • Support Groups

    We offer support groups to counsel and empower you to think clearly
    about your situation so that you can understand and
    make better choices about your particular situation.

  • Rape Crisis/Sexual Assault

    Have you been a victim of rape or sexual assault? What do you do
    now? Rape is a violent act of forced intercourse. Rapist do not act in
    order to satisfy sexual desire. They are motivated by anger
    and the hunger for power and control. We have counselors who will
    help you through this trauma. You will be counseled,
    educated, and empowered to act on this violation so that you can
    move forward with your life.

  • Rape Prevention

    We offer you information and tips on how to prevent rape.

  • Abuser Treatment

    Abusers need counseling too, and this is the place to get it. We
    counsel the abuser to identify and help him/her control his/her anger
    in ways other than violence.

  • Court-Mandated Batterer's Program*

    The courts make it mandatory for a convicted batterer to enroll in a
    counseling program as part of their probation. *This is the
    only program that we offer that carries a small fee. If the batterer
    does not participate in these classes, he is subject to
    violation of his probation and will have to appear before the Judge
    again in court and will often be sentenced to time in prison.

  • Displaced Homemaker Program

    This program is designed to assist the person who has primarily
    worked in the home without pay, has little to no marketable skills, has
    lost their main source of income through death, divorce, or their child has
    reached the age that they no longer receivegovernment assistance.
    This person is faced with the task of having to start over with their lives, must
    become employable and become self sufficient to provide the necessities of living.

  • Child Advocacy Program

    This is a child-focused program established to help reduce trauma in
    child victims and promote emotional healing through the development
    of social, emotional, and interpersonal skills.

  • Life Skills Training

    We will teach you "Life Skills," the basic information you need to
    develop the skills for survival, resume writing, employment, self-
    esteem building, being assertive, getting motivated, nutrition and
    cooking, dressing to impress, becoming a better listener, managing
    your finances, and so much more!

Education Programs

Do you or your organization need somebody to present topics on
domestic violence, rape, or other issues? UCare, Inc. is also
dedicated to its mission of educating the community as well. Our staff
and members of our board are glad to present topics at your next function.

We have taken our educational materials to schools, local
colleges, businesses, fire departments, law enforcement agencies,
government agencies, libraries, newspapers, television media, health
departments, hospitals, flea markets; issued fliers, and used every
opportunity we have to educate the public on the various issues of domestic violence.

Board members have been invited to speak at Continuing Medical
Education Meetings, and even the North Carolina Governor's Crime
Commission. Our staff has even met with Military leaders at Fort
Bragg to spread our knowledge on fighting family violence at all levels
in the military.

Our newest avenue of outreach is this web site! We want
everyone to know that violence of any type should not be tolerated
and that there are consequences to be paid for such acts. Let us
speak at your next church, social, civic organization, men's or
women's club, or educational function.

Use the contacts page to let us know of your needs, or click HERE.